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The Castello Piccolomini houses the Museo della Marsica in its rooms, founded in 1992 with the intention of promoting the knowledge and the valorization of the Abruzzese artistic patrimony, develops scientific research, besides favouring the preservation and the enjoyment, for educational, cultural and recreational purposes, of the appurtenance.
The collection is made up of two considerable nucleus: concentrated on the piano nobile there is the exposition dedicated to the sacred art, which offers a significant view of the artistic production in the Marsican area from the XV century to the XVIII century. The second nucleus, set up in some rooms adjacent to the courtyard, include the archaeological collection, made up of materials which were founded during the works of the draining the Fucino lake, as requested by Principe Alessandro Torlonia.
Inside the museum, which boasts a high index of affluence, temporary exhibitions and cultural manifestations are housed and educational services are available for a diverse public, including appropriately arranged programmes.